in his late 60′s and it works well.

The nerves essential for erections age more quickly due to diabetes and while they are still working the pills can help until they don’t anymore.

You can go to this old web page for some general information on testosterone replacement therapy. This is probably not your problem.

My TRIMIX mixture is #5 or what is called 30:1:10
Papaverine 30 mg/ml
Phentolamine 1 mg/ml
Sildenafil citrate 100mg (twice a week)
Prostaglandine 10mcg/ml (notice the change in units)

I get 10 ml vial which is good for about 100 injections/erections for me. I started in 1992 and it still works like magic at 75. TRIMIX works on the smooth muscles in the penis that controls the blood supply in and out of the penis.

The cost from Franck’s Pharmacy of Ocala, FL is about $80 and is shipped overnight in a refrigerated container. After I saw my specialist he wanted me to travel 6 hours and pay for an appointment every year to keep writing my prescription. I called and Franck’s Pharmacy asked me to have my GP call so he could verify his credentials and assure the doctor I had received TRIMIX for several years and could use it safely. Now my GP writes my prescription.

Greetings all, I am looking for some thoughts / ideas to maybe help me out. I am a 49 yoa male with both diabetes and high blood preassure. I know that either one is tough on a mans sex life, so I am in some dire straights here. I still wake up with an erection, and on  a rare occasion get a killer one when needed. But most of the time I will get one and loose it in the middle of sex, or not at all and have to resort to masterbation. My libdo is fine, I have a very strong want to perform, it’s just that the loss of erection during the act is very very dis-heartning. Does any one know of any remadies for this? I would like to stay away from the perscriptions if at all possible. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. Thanks

treatments and had terrific success. 23 month’s ago I was told I had 6 month’s to live and was sent home from the hospital to die. I started Chelation soon after that, as soon as I could get an appointment. I also had a stress test that showed 2 blockages, one at 52% and the other at 45%. Before this all happened I had 2 by-pass surgeries with 5 vessels by-passed in the 1st one and 1 in the 2nd. The last arteries that they did was the one that was blocked at 52% only 7 month’s after surgery. I was told that there wasn’t a surgeon in the state who would by=pass a by-pass that was blocked this fast. I don’t know where you are from but my Chelation doctor was extremely nice and sensitive to my problem. All the nurses that work there are also terrific. As far as discomfort…the only discomfort was the poke from the needle at the beginning of the treatment. For the 3 hour duration all I did was nap for the most part. I did the same thing you did at first and talked to other patients about Chelation and asked if they had any positive results. EVERYONE of them told me of some kind of success and as month’s went by I even saw the difference in many patients. I find it hard to believe that you were in a room full of people who were paying there hard earned money for no results. Last December I had another stress test (my yearly physical & heart check up) and all the people in the hospital were amazed at the turn around…BOTH blockages were open and there was no mention of blockages at all! They even had me come back the next day to take a non-stress test to try and find the blockages that were there 9 month’s earlier. I know I am not cured but I also know that up until I took chelation I was dying and I didn’t change a thing after starting chelation. I took the same meds that I been taking for years before. The only thing different was Chelation! I know that if I heard that every person in your Chelation room was there for hope and wasn’t receiving any good from it, I wouldn’t have come back for the rest of the treatments. Faith has nothing to do with it when you first start, what I needed was proof I was helping myself and not just making a doctor rich. I have seen some wondrous results from people at my Chelation clinic and I know my doctor is very happy seeing the results of his patients while taking the jeers from his peers. I have read a few story’s on the internet about Chelation not helping heart patients with arteries disease, like 1 in 10,000. I am sorry you have had no success but I stand by my convictions that Chelation saved my life and I hope it continues to help many more people in the future. I’ll get off my soap box now and say goodbye. signing off a very happy chelation patient!

It was expensive in time lost, and financial cost, inconvenient, and extremely uncomfortable. It had no effect, “that I could perceive,” on my condition.
In my case, I’d gotten a recommendation for this doctor, and I was surprised and disappointed at the lack of interest this popular chelation doctor exhibited with his patients.
I sat, day after day, in a room often filled to the brim, with other chelation patients. I talked to one out of four or so, of these other patients. Especially at the beginning of my series of treatments, I was curious to know if other chelation patients were experiencing improvement.
Not one of these patients told me that they were being helped by chelation treatments. But what was more revealing to me, is that I never saw a look, or heard a word of enthusiasm or joy in their faces, at finding an improvement in their condition.healthpics
I have always suspected, that the doctor himself/herself, is an important factor in therapy. Not simply the “skill” or “education” in the usual sense; but, the interaction, the “involvement,” with the patient, affects the outcome.
I’d had significant contact with two chelation doctors, and in both cases, I saw two men that struck me, once I’d gotten to know them, as having little or no faith in what they were doing; burnouts, that were just going through the motions, mostly for the money, but also because their was nowhere else for them to go in their profession, or lives, and, were fundamentally inadequate, mediocre doctors.
This is why, I remain unconvinced that chelation “doesn’t” work. Because I believe that it’s more than the plain therapies presented by doctors, that affect the outcome. I always ordering meds from Canada i.g. look at this canadian pharmacy online. You “must” have faith in your doctor that he can, will, and wishes to help you; just as you must have faith in yourself, that you’ll look for and find good health. No matter how irrational that sounds, you must have a rapport, a confidence, a belief in your doctor. If you don’t, it sometimes greatly, diminishes the chance that you’ll improve.
I remember a comment made by the doctor that prescribed, what turned out to be, about 50 chelation treatments for me. He was obviously alarmed at the barely stable condition of my angina, and heart and arteries. He told me to go ahead and have angioplasty done, because it’d keep me from having a heart attack; and to come back after the surgery, and he’d show me how to keep the treated artery(ies) open.

why one day a routine will cause pain the next the same routine is pain free or nearly so.
EDTA chelation I think aids in plaque removal in the artery itself but not much in the plaque behind the lumen which is the primary block. That explains the “some benefit” of Chelation I know it helped me to some extentbut did not cure my blockage.
My thoughts are on the Heart Muscle itself can the tissue itself become blocked or saturated with lipidto block absorption. A lot of blood is being forced under pressure into the coronary arteries its hard for me to visualize how an obstruction can grow within that artery under so much pressure. A rolling stone gathers no moss But what if back pressure occursbecause the heart itself cannot absorb all the blood. Can this force the blood through the lumenwhere it stagnatesand mineralizes. Does high blood pressure make this even worse.
Recall how digestion deals with fat wrapped in protein (lipoprotein) it is absorbed into the Lymphnot the bloodthe fat laden lymph then enters the blood stream at the Superior Vena cava along with all the Venus bloodreturning to the heartright before entering the Right chamber of the heart  the right chamber then pumps the fat laden blood to the lungs via the Pulmonary arterycirculates through the lungs and returns via the Pulmonary vein to the Left chamber of the Heartwhich then pumps this newly oxygenated blood to the Aorta which then supplies the Coronary arteriesalmost immediately with new O and fat laden blood because the fat does not seem to remain in the lung where if plaque is passive it should be trapped.
Only the watery portion of the blood and its dissolved minerals calciumironcopper pass through the lumenleaving more solid elements inside the lumenfatsand undesolved minerals some attaches to the artery wallduring brief stagnation the watery portion remains behind the lumen due to pressure but returns to circulationwhen blood volume drops such as during Digestionbut leaves behind the residue of mineralsplaque growth.
Of course this is conjectureand someone with a medical background will tell me I am nutsor foolish for my thinking I will gladly accept the criticism provided you give me a better explanation
Now the importance of eating fruit and veggies is not some mysterious element or fiber it is because they are Acid and just like Vinegar is acidand makes a good cleaning agent for cleaning up your kitchen s grease and grimeso the acid from fruitvegs and Abscobic acid and any other acid helps clean up the grease and grime in your arteries
OK I am ready for the Critics lol Bill H

There are several sources within the body for a women I was told. Some women when they reach menopause loose there estrogen and testosterone supply and no longer are interested in sex. This is a big debate for women whether to continue having those hormones in that same balance by participating in some HRT program or not.

My wife enjoyed both hormones in the same balance via hormone pellets of both E, T and some ede pills (sildenafil, tadalafil 20mg etc.). This cost about $250 every 4 months and she felt great and did not suffer any symptoms of menopause beginning in 1991. Many women loose their interest in sex after childbirth and other events in life but very little investigation exists on the causes because many women take this change in stride feeling it is just what life has brought her way.

The advent of statins in the early nineties have given people with high cholesterol the same life expectancy as people with no cholesterol problem. Of course diet does help when it comes to cholesterol, and of course there are some people who only need diet to control their high cholesterol (that’s my son and I) but there are others whose cholesterol remains dangerously high, no matter how well and carefully they eat (that’s my husband) and they do need medication.


Healthy skepticism is one thing – but there are certain thing that you cannot advocate natural drugs for.

No, I am not diabetic, however members of my family are, both Type I and Type II.

As far as cholesterol – I am epileptic, on Tegretol, which has the side effect of causing an increased production of cholesterol, which explains part (part, not all) of my cholesterol problem. Even with changing my diet, it is not expected that just managing it dietarily will keep it manageable because of this.

Trust me, I research every single medication that I get put on, and frankly, medications are always my last resort. I fought the necessity for some of my medications for years before agreeing to go on them, and others only agreed to go on when I knew there was no other way, for the time being. I don’t mean to start anything, but being skeptical regarding prescription medication is one thing – that is being your own best advocate. But taking it to an extreme is another.

plenty of fruit (grapes, banannas, strawberries, some cherries), total about a pound of carrots, plenty of low fat meals. In the last month since I have adjusted my diet, my big indulgence is a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread.

Trust me, removing the medications for my medical conditions other than my cholesterol will only result in my death – and some of those are what one may consider ‘designer drugs’ such as zoloft and risperdal.


can alleviate a problem caused by eating “designer food”? How many fresh or frozen red or blue berries did you eat last week? I will continue to warn people that designer Jeans are OK, but designer food and drugs are dangerous.
Tina, I am 75 this year. Tina; I quit eating sugar and flour laden food in year 1950, over 50 years ago. My friends who live on Coca Cola are dying on me. How about you? Are you willing to tell us what you ate all of last week?

or not taking drugs prescribed by their doctorcertainly there are necessary situations and needs. I do suggest you think carefully about why and if you need to take a toxic drug if a natural substance works equally well. A good example of this would be LipotorNothing will work any better than Niacin to help lower cholesterol that and eating a cup of beans per day to what extent your Diabetes is I have not a clue but if its Type 1 read about Chromium and biotinB-6 but again do what your doctor says but research the problem on your own.

I am certain that taking all these Prescription drug cocktails is contrary to good healthmy Father in law died about 6 months agoI am certain the cause of death was Prescription drugs his wife my mother in law is another believer she takes about 15 or 16 p drugs for Diabetes heart disease hormone replacement arthritis back pain knee pain on and onshe has routine bouts of diarrhea  her hair is falling out essentially dysfunctional also takes  paxil zanax or whatever feel good pills All of it is killing her.

Another friend died a few months ago he too was taking blood thinners pain pills and 10 other kinds of pills all because the doctor said so Sorry but I am very Skeptical.

I am one of them that is on prescription drugs for a variety of ailments – ailments that will last a lifetime, cholesterol notwithstanding. And I can almost guarantee that I wouldn’t be here today without them. After all, you wouldn’t advocate not taking insulin for a diabetic, other drugs are the same.

an answer that is supported by many very honest investigators:
Here are 100,000 pages condensend onto a postage stamp.
GO Back to your ancestors traditional diet.
Near the equator lots of fruit, Temperate zone more veggies and meat, further north lots of meat and fish..
Every culture had berries- so eat berries.
The fruit and veggies were rather organic, the meat was not fed corn to fatten it.
There was not sugar!
There were no ingredients in food, just say “carrots”.
And the salt was natural salt from mineral depostis or the sea.
And of course they had to walk everywhere.
Now I know that this is too hard for most people to follow–so Walk a half hour a day and take at least $100 worth of vitaimins a month and avoid all designer prescription drugs–such as those advertised on TV. And maybe you can avoid a serious illness.
Heart trouble and cancer are; according to traditional investigators the result of “malnutrition”!
Malnutrition means a bad diet. Living on food that has been “processed” is a bad diet. Most food at your market has been processed!
Now there are drugs to kill disease; but they have a tendency to kill the drug taker. -The simple answer is that only a healthy body can kill disease. So eat a healthy diet; then the immune system will take very good care of you.
Beware of the “Popular healthy diet” which consists of sugar, white flour, no fat and not meat. It is a killer.

Good Luck!